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About the Flora Pacifica

Dried and preserved floral products are our specialty at Flora Pacifica.


Located on the Oregon Coast Flora Pacifica has an 11 acre farm growing a wide variety of cut flowers and herbs, grown  for sale  and also for wreath production.


Flora Pacifica buys special forest products, responsibly harvested from the surrounding woodlands, resulting in wonderful, woodsy creations with a fragrance straight from the forest.


Welcome to the Farm!

Flora Pacifica receives a wide variety of visitors to our farm regularly through out the year. These visitors often come  to learn about plant propagation, preserving and wreath making. But more often it is just to see the wide variety of flowers and vegetables that we grow. Of course most of our visitors come to shop at our retail florist shop and nursery for all the advantages of buying direct from the farm.


Flora Pacifica also offers a wide variety of classes scheduled throughout the year.

Our Christmas fresh wreath production  is over.  We are currently:

- Pruning our Hydrangeas and preparing new beds to expand our Hydrangea production.

-Our wreath making operation is producing Succulent wreaths and prototyping potential new wreaths.

-Our preserving operation is currently preserving Port Orford Cedar and Shore Pine.

-We are planting seeds for 2012 flowers and vegetables.

At Flora Pacifica we have been conducting cut flower field trials for the ASCFG (American Society of Cut Flower Growers). Our results may be seen in the photos on the left.



Visit our Farm

We are located on the Oregon Coast just a few miles from the California state line,


A tour viewing our Succulent Wreath production.

Some of our dried Hydrangeas are just too big to pack. Cherie is holding one stems in each hand of Oregon Pride Hydrangeas.